After implement ting BBO approach for image segmentation. Following are the results that we got. Firstly we take RCB image, then convert it into Lab image as shown below:-
Fig2,3 New Technique For Image_decrypted
Fig. 2, 3 : Lab Image

Then we segmented the objects in image and make different clusters. The first cluster that contains the objects of similar characteristics as shown below with their histogram:-
Fig4New Technique For Image_decrypted
Fig. 4 : Histogram for cluster1

Second cluster with contain different object that have perform same predefined criteria as shown below with its histogram.
Fig5New Technique For Image_decrypted
Fig 5 : Histogram for cluster 2
Third cluster of objects are shown below with its histrigram.
Fig6New Technique For Image_decrypted
Fig. 6 Histogram For cluster 3

Fourth Cluster shows all segmented objects that satisfy all predefined criteria.
Fig7New Technique For Image_decrypted
Fig. 7 : Histogram for cluster 4

Segmentation is a collection of methods allowing interpreting spatially close parts of the image as objects. From many decade, image segmentation doing with many techniques like PSO, GA, clustering techniques. As we concluded, BBO is uniquely a biology technique that we used for image segmentation. BBO using image segmentation provide more accurate segmented image as compared to other evolutionary algorithm. BBO is a population-based optimization algorithm it does not involve reproduction or the generation of “children”.

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