Region growing is a simple region-based image segmentation method. It is also classified as a pixel-based image segmentation method since it involves the selection of initial seed points.This approach to segmentation examines neighboring pixels of initial “seed points” and determines whether the pixel neighbors should be added to the region (Yu and Clausi, 2007) .

Application of Image segmentation

Image segmentation is mainly used to locate objects or object boundary, lines etc in an image so it can be used in applications which involve a particular kind of object recognition such as:

• Face Recognition

• Fingerprint Recognition

• Locating objects in satellite images

Since it deals with object detection, so it can also be used in applications involving object tracking such as traffic surveillance etc(Lynch and Ghita,2008) . Some of the practical applications of image segmentation are (Fritz, Rinck and Unterhinninghofen, 2005):

• Medical imaging

o Locate tumors and other pathologies
o Measure tissue volumes
o Computer-guided surgery
o Diagnosis
o Treatment planning
o Study of anatomical structure

• Traffic control systems

• Brake light detection

• Machine vision

• Agricultural imaging – crop disease detection

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