NEW TECHNIQUE FOR IMAGE SEGMENTATION: Biogeography-Based Optimization(2)


Features that correlate with HSI include such factors as rainfall, diversity of vegetation, diversity of topographic features, land, area, and temperature (Simon,2008). The variables that characterize habitability are called suitability index variables (SIVs). Habitats with a HSI tend to have a large number of species, while those with a low HSI have a small number of species. Habitats with a HSI have a low species immigration rate because they are already nearly saturated with species. HIS are more static than LSI. LSI have a high species immigration rate because of their sparse populations. LSI habitats are more dynamic in their species distribution than HSI habitats.


The BBO migration strategy in which many parents can contribute to a single offspring, but it differs in at least one important aspect. BBO migration is used to change existing habitat. Migration in BBO is an adaptive process; it is used to modify existing islands. Migration stage arises when LSI occurs. when spices are less compatible with their habitat then they migrate (Simon,2008).


The implemented mutation mechanism is problem dependent. In which a new region are created by hybrid others region.
Fig1New Technique For Image_decrypted
Fig. 1 Species Model

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