NEW TECHNIQUE FOR IMAGE SEGMENTATION: Biogeography-Based Optimization(1)

Biogeography-Based Optimization is a type of evolutionary algorithm. As its name implies, BBO is based on the mathematical study of biogeography. Biogeography is the study of the distribution of animals and plants over time and space. Its aim is to elucidate the reason of the changing distribution of all species in different environments over time (Haiping Suhong and Man, 2009) .

BBO is an evolutionary process that achieves information sharing by species migration. It is modeled after the immigration and emigration of species between habitats to achieve information sharing. BBO operates by migrating information between individuals, thus resulting in a modification of existing individuals. Individuals do not die at the end of a generation One characteristic of BBO is that the original population is not discarded after each generation. It is rather modified by migration (Simon, 2008).

BBO is a population-based optimization algorithm it does not involve reproduction or the generation of “children.” Mathematical equations that govern the distribution of organisms were first discovered and developed during the 1960s. Mathematical models of biogeography describe how species migrate from one island (habitat where they live) to another, how new species arise, and how species become extinct. Biogeography basically based on two criteria-HIS and LSI. Geographical areas that are well suited and more compatible as residences for biological species are said to have a highly suitability index (HSI).

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