This type of learning is done in real time with a live instructor facilitating the training. Every one login on same time and can communicate directly with instructor with each other.

‘Moreover there are teaching and learning materials available. It is difficult for all participants to effectively search and share valuable teaching knowledge to satisfy the teaching and learning requirements in e-learning .so finding the specific and relevant information is very difficult because of the lack of semantic description of learning resources. The term semantic web is used for developing e-leaming process.

The semantic web is not a separate web but an extension of the current one in which information is given well-defined meaning better enabling computer and people to work in co-operation. The current web or syntactic web are build for human consumption although everything on the web are machine readily not machine understandable .To make machine understandable process semantic web is started to developed

Fig1Ontology Based E-Learning_decrypted
Figure 1 : A sematic seb structure


URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) provides a simple and extensible way for identifying resources. A resource can be anything that has an identity such as a web site, a document, an image and a person.


Unicode is considering as the universal standard encoding system for computer character representation.

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