Fayed Ghaleb has propos an approach for developing a semantic web-based e-learning system, which focus on the on the RDF data model and owl ontology language .In which the web-Based service s provided main agent used between the student and instructor.

MS.B.sallena has construct a knowledge portal for e-learning using ontology .which focus on thematic knowledge is retrieved from the portal by investing the topic and tracking the content based on semantic context.

Marian bucos has developed semantic web ontology for e-learning in high education .In this paper the ontology offers the possibility to describe the characteristics of an e-learning system through it components. It contains are need concept and requirement that form the basis of a web -based e-learning.

From the existing system of the semantic web based e-learning .There certain problem they are

1. The amount of the time waste for searching the right content because of lack of semantic links.
2. The absence of the personalization in the conventional e-learning system.
3. Lack of the reusability, auto-correction, and ontology evolution consistence verification.
4. Lack of Meta data.

So we are going to develop a system to solve the above problem by using the ontology because the ontology that are avail now can enable the reusable and sharing due to structure of nature.

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