When the user add the data via the RDF learning resources repository through dynamic PHP WebPages after the user submit the form the application will automatically converts this additionally information to set of RDF statements using RAP API and then add them to existing RDF statements for this document in the repository.

We are using a Semantic web toolkit called RAP for developing our application.

It is a Semantic web toolkit for PHP developer’s .It offers the features for parsing, manipulating, storing, querying, serving and serializing RDF graphs. There are various tool component of the RAP package we are using RAP -RDF API for PHP version 0.9. The RAP features are a resource -centric API, a ontology -centric API, Inference support for RDFS and some OWL constructs and a database administration tools for database -backed RDF model


Science web-based learning are becoming popular today .The problem in the e-learning are such as search the right content and the personalization learning. We had discussed about the overview of the semantic, ontology and discuss the developing of the ontology using ontology developing tool protege 4.0.

In this paper we have present the new framework for developing the ontology based semantic web for e-learning system for a university. The future plan is to create a prototype for the e-learning System for Indian university.

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