Learning process faces many difficulties because of information need and communication teaching in education many problem are the technology and the educational requirements. As today increases the WWW is used to support and facilitate the delivery of teaching and learning material. This has changed current learning process into e-leaming process. The distance education provides the base of the e-learning development.

E-learning is defined as the effective learning process created by combining digitally delivered content with support and services.

The e-learning are categories into four levels


Knowledge database are the basic for of e-learning software site offering Indexed explanation and guidance for software questions along step by step Instructions.


Online supports are similar to knowledge database online support come in the form of forums, chat, e-mail and instant message.


Self learning is essential in this level either it is CD ROM based, network based, internet based or intranet based. It is known as most traditional way of Elearning. Materials in place of live instructor.

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