The main objective of our ontology based e-learning architecture is to identify the user requirement, student’s preferences and characteristic to adapt the course for each single student.

The ontology based e-learning architecture system can classified into three layer.

They are
1. Knowledge base
2. Software interface
3. Application layer (user)
Fig3Ontology Based E-Learning_decrypted
Figure 3 : A new architecture for e-learning system KNOWLEDGE BASE
This layer includes profile database, ontology library and traditional material.

The profiles of the date base consist of the leaner data that include the user ID, Authority information. The ontology library gathers the various description information in which, the ontology resources have various description methods such as RDF file ect and it has grammar semantic function .The ontology are mainly built for share and reuse of the knowledge

The traditional material include various teaching material which a certain course needs including teaching content in the class and excise behind .The material are gathered based on the student profile in the database and based on the query of the learner.

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