A potential disadvantage of MIMO is its complexity, particularly the broadband time-domain version of MIMO. In the presence of delay-spread, a MIMO receiver (space-time equalizer) is quite complex. The Solution is MIMO OFDM which simplifies the implementation of MIMO without loss of capacity, avoids inter-symbol-interference by modulating narrow orthogonal carriers, and each narrowband carrier is treated as a separate MIMO system with zero delay-spread.

To increase the data transmission, a combination of both modulation and multiplexing in MIMO is required. Unlike general multiplexing technique it is applied to only one independent channel, where a set of signals from the same source is divided or spitted into a number of independent channels (sub-set of the main signals) and each modulated by separate carrier, and then multiplexed into an OFDM signal for transmission. Each independent sub-set channel can be multiplexed either by frequency or code division multiplexing. The characteristics of OFDM sub-channels depict the orthogonality of the subcarries, where each sub-channel of the main signal in fact multiplied by a carrier which is orthogonal to each other. Carriers are nothing but sine or cosine wave; and the area under one sine and one cosine wave is simply zero.

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