• Influence of language in inclusion and exclusion

The linguistic behavior of people in small groups is mirrored in the larger interaction of language communities. Language is used as a device to include (when the speaker of a minority language learns the government’s official language in school, this is part of a process to incorporate that individual into the imagined community of the nation) or to exclude (when language minorities are obliged to communicate in a language that is not their native language, they are put at a disadvantage or shut out altogether). Examining this process of inclusion and exclusion (and the two sometimes happen simultaneously) is one way of observing the exercise of political or economic power in a community. How often, for example, do we examine an election in a bilingual or multilingual country by asking who uses what languages or language varieties with which voters? And how often do we examine the economy of language diversity by attempting to model the costs and benefits of knowing more than one language or combinations of languages in a given country? Economists increasingly recognize that knowledge of languages may be an important consideration in the labor market and in workforce mobility.

• Influence of language on politics

Study of language leads us to examine politics and economics through a different lens. It has led people to look at history differently. By the end of 16th century, Queen Elizabeth’s health was falling. Members of the parliament and the aristocracy were beginning to question her ability to lead the nation. It was a time of political inquiry and those contributing to the literary community took note. Written materials of all hues and colors marked the time which depicted the ruling class unflatteringly. William Shakespeare did not enjoy the kind of guaranteed freedoms that people have today; thus it was necessary for him to couch any political sentiments within the text of his prose and he was particularly effective in burying illegal political sentiments in his History Plays. We also know how the relationship among the invention of printing, the growth of literacy and the emergence of national languages in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries relate to the emergence of Protestantism in this period. Writing is intimately associated with modern politics. Spin and rhetoric are the outputs of writing when filtered by the dark art of politics. Books on politics are common, a few even moving beyond their niche market have found wider readership across the globe. They are The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich von Hayek and the granddaddy of all political writing The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. Political writing resorts to metaphors and symbolisms, sometimes overt, sometimes not that influences people’s perception of the political situations prevailing at a point in time. Orwell would be the obvious example, from the not-so-subtle critique of the Russian Revolution in Animal Farm to the anti-authoritarian Nineteen Eighty-Four, a book whose message has been appropriated by all sides of the political spectrum. We all of us have political leanings, and in writing we can give them an eloquence they might not have in the spur of the moment conversation.

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