Influences of Language on Individual and Group Identity

Language expresses solidarity or group identity. Language can separate insiders from outsiders. Language helps us to find who is a friend and who is a foe. Members of small groups such as families, couples, friends, roommates and work groups all give their language a spin suited to the group’s interests and experience. It is language that distinguishes a Mumbaiker from a Delhite. Members of a profession develop a jargon that permits them to impress, mystify or stonewall outsiders. In simple two-person conversation, language may reflect power differentials: one person may take charge while the other plays a subordinate role. If observed carefully one will not take long to notice language differences between families belonging to one linguistic community. We have dialects within the same linguistic region.

• Influence of Language on Social Life

Advertising is as old as commercial popular culture and uses language to persuade consumers. Despite the fact that advertising is becoming less and less in their verbal content yet role of language cannot in them cannot be eliminated. Advertising is a deeply pervasive part of all lives lived in consumerist economies. The average individual in Western society is bombarded with several hundred adverts per day — billboards, TV commercials, film trailers and product placement in films, Internet ads, radio blurbs, newspaper and magazine ads, and more. Advertising both is a kind or popular culture, and it is a major way that we learn about and learn how to interpret other kinds of popular culture. Film trailers, for instance, not only seek to sell their cinematic product, but they also hope to shape the way we think about the movie. Advertising is a major mode of socialization, telling us how to think and feel (what’s hip, what’s sexy, what’s normal), and what problems we need to worry about (lack of the latest e-gadget, insufficiently white teeth, mammary magnitude, etc.). Rhetorical devices are frequently used consciously in advertising and in public speeches to create an effect. Rhetoric may be used to present a case in the most effective way, showing verbal dexterity. Rhetoric, with its intention to persuade, may help a speaker ” stretch” the truth and effectively present a worthless or immoral cause.

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