Every language imparts unique patterns and meanings to the ways of earning a living, systems of trade, governance, social roles, religions, traditions in clothing and foods and arts, expectations for behavior, attitudes toward other cultures, and beliefs and values. Within a major language, there may be many sub-languages, with distinctly different subcultures and associated with region, ethnic origin, or social class. If a single language is dominant in a large region, the values they promote through literatures and discourses may be considered correct and may be adopted by social, political, educational administrative and economic organizations let alone families and religious groups. This certainly necessitates skill and adeptness in use of language in everyday life and accomplishes one’s objectives. People speak, write, interact, communicate, research, and understand in language and through language.

Language is a success key to social, economic, political, and cultural development. Inventions would have not been and will not be utilized widely at the fullest extent; national development ideas could not have been and cannot be immersed into and implemented in communities unless they are well articulated through effective discourses and literatures with the help of languages. Language evolves within society; perceptive phrases borne out of language helps the societies evolve in keeping with positive changes in social consciousness. Language has also been used as a tool to achieve or sustain power by individuals and groups. Language is also used as a tool of dominance as well which fact is most apparent when a country, after conquering another or colonizing it embarks to impose its language on it and those who get disenfranchised take pride by assimilating the language of the ruling community.

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