The most important problem reported by the ReT teachers (92 %) was unawareness of the eligibility criteria of age limit. It was found that the appointments of some Rehbar-e-T aleem teachers were made on the ignorance of the eligibility criteria of age limit and some over age, candidates were appointed instead of deserved candidates. The second most problem reported by ReT teachers (83.56 %) was misinformation by the higher officials for misleading the eligible candidates regarding the fake appointments of ReT teachers as the higher officials had snatched their post and allotted the same to the undeserved candidates who had taken away their post by power, money and political influence. The third important problem reported by the ReT teachers (83.45) was Biased eligibility criteria for obtaining the job. The Rehbare-e-Taleem teachers have been appointed on the basic eligibility condition of 12th pass but the appointed teachers do not have the ability to provide better education to the students. As it is very important for the teacher to have, a good qualification with better percentage so that the students do not suffer in making their goals restricted.

Moreover, some ReTs are appointed on the basis of high education which created discrimination and aggravation among the ReTs. The fourth important problem reported by ReTs (80.15) is the Counterfeit Appointments by the officials. The appointments need to consider only those candidates who would be fulfilling the eligibility criteria but consequently some of the officials are demanding money from the candidates so that they will be appointed. At many villages it was found that even though there was no need of teachers some authorized departments sanctioned teacher posts which were created totally away from the instructions. The fifth most important problem reported by ReTs (72.57 %) is Malpractices adopted by the officials for appointment of ReT teachers. The sixth problem reported by ReTs (71.32 %) is the Imbalanced deployment of ReTs to different villages by the government officials. Most schools still have the scarcity of teachers, only a single teacher is available for more than hundred students. In addition, there are many schools in the state, which are filled with teachers but lack the sufficient roll of students which clearly indicates that the government authorities do not examine the village or area where they made the appointments of Rehbar-e-T aleem teachers.

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