This indicates that such a lower salary package does not go well with the workload they have been assigned which ultimately affects their job satisfaction level. The fourth most important factor as perceived by ReT teachers was Adequate Autonomy with factor mean score equal to 2.989 and the attributes named There is adequate planning of lesson preparation, There is adequate communication between the ReTs of different schools, Individual initiative is encouraged in my school, Nothing at my school keeps me from doing my best everyday, I have confidence in the teaching skills, Freedom to teach is my top priority and I believe my job is secure with factor loading equal to 0.801, 0.791, 0.781, 0.612, 0.544, 0.524 and 0.493 respectively. This implies that the only factor that motivates ReTs is the ample sovereignty available to them which inturn adds to their satisfaction level.

The fifth important factor indicated by ReT teachers was Provision of inadequate leave and vacation with factor mean score equal to 2.5565 and the attributes named My job restricts from availing a long leave (0.734) and There is no provision of adequate leave in the job (0.724). This reveals that insufficient leave in the job hinder their positive attitude towards their job The sixth factor is Reasonable Work Load with factor mean score equal to 2.5465 and the attributes named I am not tired of my work and I feel content while teaching in the school with factor loading equal to 0.706 and 0.561 respectively. This specifies that ReTs are satisfied with the job as they are not overloaded. The last seventh factor is Congenial Environment / Proper working conditions with factor mean score equal to 2.525 and the attributes named I feel I am delivering best to my students, My physical working conditions are good and I feel I can trust what my principal tells me with factor loading equal to 0.852, 0.703 and 0.508 respectively indicating the apt environment in which the ReTs are working.

Table 3 Problems faced by the ReTs

S.No Nature of the Problem Percentage
1 Counterfeit Appointments by the officials 80.15
2 Malpractices adopted by the officials for appointment of ReT teachers. 72.57
3 Misinformation by the higher officials for misleading the eligible candidates. 83.56
4 Imbalanced deployment of ReTs to different villages by the government officials 71.32
5 Biased eligibility criteria for obtaining the job. 83.45
6 Unawareness of the eligibility criteria of age limit 92.00

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