Emotional labor was first defined by Hochschild (1983) and has more recently been described as the effort involved when employees “regulate their emotional display in an attempt to meet organizationally-based expectations specific to their roles”. These “expectations”, or display rules, specify either formally or informally, which emotions employees ought to express and which ought to be suppressed. Whilst many employees want to portray emotions in accordance with display rules because they care about their clients, there are likely to be many occasions when genuinely felt emotions do not concur with desired emotions. It is this emotional dissonance that leads to emotional labor. Payday Loans Online

Hochschild argued that emotional labor is performed through either surface or deep acting. Surface acting involves managing the expression of behavior rather than feelings. This is accomplished by careful presentation of verbal and non-verbal cues such as facial expression, gestures and voice tone in a way in which the person knows that are only acting. Deep acting, on the other hand involves the actor attempting to actually experience or feel the emotion that they wish (or that they are expected) to display.

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