The aim of health-care managers in respect of emotional labor must be to attempt to reduce its negative consequences whilst retaining the positive outcomes for both patient and career. There are thus two parts of the model where input from managers would be most valuable. First, at the “emotional labor inducing event” stage; what can health-care managers do to reduce either the number or impact of such events? Second at the “outcomes” stage; what can they do to moderate the negative consequences of emotional labor performance? The answer to both questions must lie within the range of educational and training initiatives currently offered to health careers.

Emotional labor still remains largely implicit within most health services; emotional labor is rarely being explicitly recognized or taught. Still today, the tendency in research and in nursing practice is to concentrate on more visible, measurable aspects of care and medical procedure. After all, as one nurse commented, “you can’t put feelings of intimacy in the patient’s notes or record”. Emotions continue to be professionalized in order to present a detached, impersonal image of medicine. If emotional labor continues to be devalued then the health service risks becoming blind to the emotional needs, not only of its patients, but also of its staff, with the associated negative implications on patient outcome and staff health and well-being.

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