Charles et al. (1999) suggest that an increasing interest in partnership in patient-professional relationships is associated with the rise in consumerism with patients seeing themselves as consumers with associated rights and expectations. McQueen (2000) highlights that the changing terminology reflected in the medical literature from patient to client implies participation and the “buying” of a service with the expectation, by patients, of certain standards; these standards usually include an expectation with regard to the emotional way in which the medical care is carried out.

Nurses of course, may well perform emotional labor because they want to (in which case display rules give way to feeling rules) rather than because of organizationally prescribed display rules. That is, they want to offer authentic caring behavior because they feel that this is a desirable skill of their job-role and because they derive satisfaction from doing so. However, this desire to feel certain emotions (hence, feeling rules) does not necessarily preclude the performance of emotional labor, since there must be many occasions when such people are unable to genuinely offer appropriate emotions (perhaps because of competing distractions from their personal lives, or due to depersonalization effects of burnout – see later section).

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