Initiatives leading to changes in the organization of care in recent years may inadvertently affect the levels of emotional labor performed by care workers and this should be considered when considering future policies. For example, a drive to provide “continuity of care” from midwifes in the Department of Health’s Changing Childbirth report (1993) may have important implications for a midwife’s personal life that can result in increased emotional labor as they attempt to juggle home and work roles. This leads to the issue of the effects of emotional labor on the laborer which has been outlined in detail earlier in this paper.

It seems undisputed that continuous and chronic emotional labor performance can have significant negative outcomes on the health and well-being of the laborer, yet if emotional labor is barely acknowledged in the health service, how can its effects be monitored and treated? Thus, it is not just performance of emotional labor that needs to be taught in a formally recognized way, but also coping with the effects. Strategies that could be introduced to counteract the negative effects of emotional labor performance need to be both training and policy-led; for example, peer support programmers, changes in patient and resource allocation systems, stress management interventions, “downtime” schedules, work rotation schemes and debriefing programmers.

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