This seems to reflect little change from the views of student nurses in 1992 who suggest that the skills needed to perform emotional labor are most frequently learnt informally in the workplace (Smith, 1992). This suggests that placements and other in situ elements of the training process are the best place to learn the emotional requirements of the job. Another suggestion is offered by McCreight who notes that training for gynecological nurses which involved visits from bereaved parents was regarded as very helpful in helping nurses see things from the patient’s perspective; this idea of “patient-centered” emotional skills training could be delivered across a wider range of disciplines; recovered patients, for example, could attend formal training days to share their experiences on the emotional aspect of the care delivery.

McQueen, in her 2004 meta-analysis of emotional intelligence in nursing work, suggests that the training focus on self-awareness, self-regulation and social skills, whilst Cook (1999) points out that the current financial pressure on universities to teach in large groups is not conducive to these aims. Smith and Gray (2000) advise that reflective learning (including mentoring and storytelling techniques) is a useful way to learn these skills (although the emotional labor inherent in these learning processes themselves must be recognized).

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