The case of Lloyds TSB Bank

The case of Lloyds TSB Bank


Retailing banks are under tremendous pressures of competition from other financial institutions and non-financial financial firms, and the unpredictable market dynamism. They are, therefore, constantly seeking new markets and new ways to increase their market shares and to improve their operational processes. For this reason they are targeting young people, mainly students, to open accounts with their grant cheques, and persuading them to continue banking after graduation. The process of opening a student account (OSA) is, however, debatable.

The paper reviews previous works related to the concept of process. It presents a pragmatic examination of the magnitude of service process and its influence on service quality. The question ‘How can a process be analysed for its relative efficiency?’ is one of the priorities in balancing ‘productivity’ and ‘quality’ issues. In order to analyse the efficiency of the OSA process, the authors adopt a case study approach to investigate key dimensions of the process in a local branch of Lloyds TSB Bank. Alternative frameworks are presented that are practically superior to the one adopted by Lloyds TSB. The paper concludes with the managerial and academic implications, followed by the area for future research.


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