The case of Lloyds TSB Bank: Summary and conclusion of research methodology

Data collection for this study relied on many sources of evidence such as documentation, archival records, interviews, observation, and physical artefacts. Yin (1994) suggests that the various sources are highly complementary and a good case study should use as many sources as possible. The use of multiple sources in this study allowed authors to address a broad range of issues of the OSA process. Therefore, the essence of this approach, the so-called ‘triangulation’ or ‘hybrid strategy’, was that it tries to illuminate a set of objectives which were enumerated in the section above. For all its appeal on an experiential basis, however, criticism has been aimed at the use of the case study method and this is associated with the issues of verification and generalisation.

Once the results of interviews had been recorded, they were analysed to enable the authors to map the OSA process. The initial draft was checked and validated by members of staff in practice before being refined. The basic framework was also checked by two practitioners — a manager from another practice and a consultant of financial services — to ensure that any general misunderstanding was removed. With triangulation, therefore, the potential problems of validity were overcome because the multiple sources of evidence essentially provide multiple measures of the same phenomenon.


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