Opening a student account: Current process

In order to grasp an understanding of the process of opening a student account, it was necessary to develop a detailed flowchart representing the process steps from the consumer’s and the provider’s viewpoints. Through interviews and participation observation the authors were able to develop at ‘first hand’, an understanding of the service process as it proceeds in its natural environment in ‘real time’. However, documentation of the process in the form of a flowchart diagram facilitated analysis and problem identification. Documenting the process aided the authors’ knowledge and understanding of how the service is delivered to the customer. The view of the current process of opening a student account is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Opening a student account

The process of OSA is split into two sub-processes by a line of visibility. From the original flowchart one determined the potential problem areas. There are some problematical areas which show that the OSA process is currently weak in design. However, without discovering these potential problems there cannot be effective management and improvement. Figure 2, therefore, illustrates the problem areas to be tackled.

Figure 2 Process for opening a student account: Analysis of potential problem areas

Some of the problems are ‘soft problems’ that cannot be displayed on the flowchart, but they are discussed in the following section.

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