Stakeholder involvement in the new service design process: MANAGERIAL IMPLICATIONS

Although it was not the intention of this paper to be prescriptive, some managerial implications are apparent from this study. From a strategic (macro) point of view, the study indicates that an organisation-wide design orientation needs to be engendered. Although this is a difficult process, it can be enabled by a greater emphasis on inter­departmental team working during which actors share views of design criteria, processes and experience, and thus learn about and develop good design practice.43,44 Stakeholder involvement can be further understood by techniques such as stakeholder mapping which, at an early stage, would identify the nature of their stake, expectations, relative power and interests.

More specifically, service organisations need to consider how best to integrate the technical support systems underpinning design activities and how to manage the human interface between departments. The organisation in this case study had, for example, created a banking systems (BS) department which acted as intermediary between NPDD and IS, facilitating the interface between technical systems requirements and business needs. Other improvements could focus on ensuring that organisations have a well-supported customer information management team to bridge existing marketing and technology functions.


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