Video shot boundary detection using Macroblocks

The third of our methods for shot boundary detection, unlike the others, is based on processing the encoded version of the video. One of the features of MPEG-1 encoding is that each frame is broken into a fixed number of segments called macroblocks and there are three types of these macroblocks, I-, P- and B-. The classification of the different macroblock types is done at the encoder, based on the motion estimation and efficiency of the encoding.

I-macroblocks are encoded independently of other macroblocks and are used when the segment being encoded is very different in appearance from other segments around it in the same frame, or the corresponding segment in previous or following frames. P-macroblocks do not encode the region in the frame but instead have a motion vector which indicates the difference between the current block being encoded and the corresponding block in the previous frame. This is refered to as motion compensation and is used in video coding where objects remain stationary or move only a short distance between adjacent frames. B-macroblocks are bi-directionally predicted blocks and use both forward and backward prediction.

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