Problem: Given a video V consisting of n shots, find the beginning and the end of each shot. It is fundamental to any kind of video analysis and video application since it enables segmentation of a video into its basic components.

Many approaches have been proposed for shot boundary detection. The simplest approach is to compute the differences between the color distributions of consecutive frames and use a threshold to classify whether a hard cut occurs. In order to detect gradual transitions, edge change ratios or motion vectors can be used. Since these approaches use threshold based models for detection, their advantage is they are fast. Nevertheless, they are sensitive to changes in illumination and motion.

Furthermore, they are difficult to generalize for new datasets. Recent works use machine learning methods for making decisions and have received impressive results.

The basis of detecting shot boundaries in video sequences is the fact that frames surrounding a boundary generally display a significant change in their visual contents. The detection process is then the recognition of considerable discontinuities in the visual-content flow of a video sequence.

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