Motion Activity Discriptor

Video segmentation based on motion is a new research area. Motion is a salient feature in video, in addition to other typical image features such as color, shape and texture. The motion activity is used in different applications such as video surveillance, fast browsing, dynamic video summarization, content-based querying etc. This information can for example be used for shot boundary detection, for shot classification or scene segmentation.

The magnitude of the motion vectors represents a measure of intensity of motion activity that includes several additional attributes that contribute towards the efficient use of these motion descriptors in a number of applications. Intensity of activity is expressed by an integer in the range and higher the value of intensity, higher the motion activity.

The motion features are extracted using the motion vectors. Block motion techniques are employed to extract the motion vectors. To extract the motion intensity, the motion of the moving objects has to be estimated first. This is called motion estimation. The commonly used motion estimation technique in all the standard video codecs is the block matching algorithm (BMA).

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