Here we are using four different methods involved in video shot boundary detection for comparison, GIST, Color Histogram, Segmentation and Motion Activity Descriptor.

Color Histogram Method

This technique is able to differentiate abrupt shot boundaries by the analysis of color histogram differences and smooth shot boundaries but temporal color variation. This provides a simple and fast algorithm able to work in real-time with reasonable high performances in a video indexing tool.

The algorithm firstly extracts abrupt shot discontinuities by the analysis of the color histogram difference, and then it detects possible gradual discontinuities for the following discrimination from motion activity as they behave a smooth discontinuity pattern. The simplicity of the method relies on the low complexity of the computation of the color histogram difference and that the most of the subsequent analysis is performed over the resulting 1-D signal. Unlike techniques based on pixel difference between adjacent frames, color histogram techniques reach a higher degree of independence to object motion within a frame sequence. A shot is detected by comparing the present value with a threshold value. The threshold value for cut detection used in the first derivative signal is obtained from the percentage of the maximum possible value of the color histogram difference. A cut is only detected when an abrupt variation overcome a certain percentage of color change in a video sequence.

The advantage of this method is that it takes into account the global variation of the image, being therefore less sensitive to camera or object movement.

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