In this work, we used the extraction of key frames method based on detecting a significant change in the activity of motion. To jump 2 images which do not distort the calculations but we can minimize the execution time. First we extract the motion vectors between image i and image i+2 then calculates the intensity of motion, we repeat this process until reaching the last frame of the video and comparing the difference between the intensities of successive motion to a specified threshold.

The idea can be visualised in figure below.

Video Shot Boundary_decrypted-3
Figure The idea of video segmentation using motion intensity.

Video shot boundary detection using Independent component analysis

A new method for shot boundary detection using independent component analysis (ICA) is presented. By projecting video frames from illumination-invariant raw feature space into low dimensional ICA subspace, each video frame is represented by a two-dimensional compact feature vector. An iterative clustering algorithm based on adaptive thresholding is developed to detect cuts and gradual transitions simultaneously in ICA subspace. This method has the following major steps: (i) Raw feature generation from illumination-invariant chromaticity histograms; (ii) ICA feature extraction; (iii) Dynamic clustering for shot detection.

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