Shot-boundary detection is the first step towards scene extraction in videos, which is useful for video content analysis and indexing. Shots are basic units of a video. There are many types of transitions between shots. Shot boundaries can be classified into two main categories: cut and gradual. A cut is an abrupt shot change that occurs over a single frame while a gradual is a slow change that occurs in a number of consecutive frames. With the gradual type, fades and dissolves are common. A fade is usually a change in brightness with one or several solid black frames in between, while a dissolve occurs when the images in the current shot get dimmer and the images of the next shot get brighter.

They are required for further video analysis such as:

• Person tracking, identification.
• high-level feature detection.

They provide cue about high-level semantics:

• In video production each transition type is choose carefully to support the content and context.
• For example dissolves occur much more often in feature films and documentaries, while wipe usually occur in news, sports and shows.

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