1.2. Evolving Data Protection

Virtualization is a proven technology with distinct benefits, but adoption is not a lockstep operation. IT must periodically match stages of virtualization adoption to their business needs and constraints. Examples include applications to be virtualized, business processes, company size, IT headcount and specialization, and budgetary opportunities and pressures. These considerations should strategically guide virtualization plans and purchases.

This staged approach applies both to the comprehensive virtualization framework and also to data protection. The three stages of data protection for VM networks evolve from early file, print and services; to internal applications; to outward-facing customer applications.

Virtualization-aware data protection tools benefit both virtual and physical settings. In fact, virtualization projects serve as excellent opportunities to adopt optimal data protection technologies like next generation backup.

Virtualization began as an enabling technology for limited server consolidation projects. But virtualization technologies like VMware have grown into computing platforms that produce fully realized virtual environments. Legacy data protection – and legacy management for that matter — is entirely inadequate in these settings.

1.3 Data Protection in Virtual Machine Environments

Virtual machine (VM) environments offer the opportunity to optimize data protection operations to shorten or remove backup windows, significantly improve RPO/RTO, and improve recovery reliability. Features of the VMware environment allow data protection to be optimized in ways not possible in physical server environments.

When virtualized servers are backed up to disk-based storage locations using strong data protection solution sets, companies gain a strong foundation for optimizing data protection operations. Benefits include shortening or removing backup windows and decreasing backup bandwidth requirements, which significantly improves VMware consolidation rates. This approach also greatly improves RPO/RTO and recovery reliability.

There are broad data protection portfolios available for VM environments. We will concentrate on the basics: data de-duplication, file-level backup with traditional backup, image-level backups, and reliable restore.

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