Fig. 1 shows the basic circuit diagram of the DSTATCOM system with lagging power factor loads connected to 3-phase, 3-wire distribution system. The lagging power-factor load is realized by star connected resistive inductive (R-L) load. Unbalanced load is realized by disconnecting load from phase-a using circuit breaker. The three-phase voltage source converter (VSC) working as a DSTATCOM is realized using six IGBT switches with anti-parallel diodes. At ac side the interfacing inductors are used to filter out the high frequency components of the compensating currents.

Fig1Performance Analysis

The DSTATCOM has been developed by Westinghouse as a part of EPRI (Electric power research institute) custom power program for advanced distribution system. DSTATCOM is a solid state dc-ac switching power converter that consists of 3-phase voltage source forced air-cooled inverter based static compensator connected in shunt with the system. In its basic form DSTATCOM injects a voltage in phase with system voltage, thus providing voltage support and regulation of VAR flow .The DSTATCOM is capable of generating continuously variable inductive or capacitive shunt compensation at a level up its maximum MVA rating. The DSTACOM is available in rating from 2 to 10MVA in modular 2-MVA increments. DSTATCOM can also behave as a shunt active filter, to eliminate unbalance or distortions in the source current or the supply voltage as per the IEEE-519 standard limits.

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