Everything has its positive and negatives; etiquette can also have some of the drastic side effects. Society has set up certain yardsticks to maintain decorum and order for sufficient handling of social affairs. Those people who maintain these codes are respected and liked by many. In order to be liked and respected by others, some people tend to set their life style strictly according to these codes which tend to sap their originality. There is no need to blindly follow what others do or say because diversity makes the circle complete. So retain your own liking, disliking, ambitions, dreams, fear etc .to remain in touch with your original self. The way you allow the clothes speaks and earn respect for you, similarly allow your self to earn a place for yourself. If people follow others blindly, it might lead to unhealthy development in the society.

Carl Jung is specifically in his observation regarding this out of the way practice for societal approval:

It arose when people come to know about the mechanism of the neuroses, which threaten to undermine the modicum of happiness enjoyed by civilized men. It was discovered that a person become neurotic because he cannot tolerate the amount of frustration which society imposes on him in the service of cultural ideas, and it was inferred from this that the abolition or reduction of those demands would result in a return to possibilities of happiness.

To sum up, etiquette, the agreed upon rules for maintaining social harmony are essential part of human life. Knowledge about these codes is the first stage. After knowledge implementation takes place which again is guided by many factors. True, people should follow the specified code system but it should be properly adapted to suit the individual healthy needs. Blind adherence to them can be deadly as it might defeat the very purpose of it. Codes are to be followed to be one with the others but certainly not to be away from your own self.

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