India is a tropical country and offers most suitable climate for the growth of karanja tree. It is found in abundance in rural areas and forests of entire India, especially in eastern India and Western Ghats. Fig. 1 shows the close view of seeds of karanja. The seeds are crushed in expeller to get the oil. A view of raw oil obtained by crushing the seeds has been given in Fig.2 As the tree of karanja is naturally found in forests, there are so far no reports on adverse effects of karanja on fauna, flora, humans or even on environment but that is a different area of research. Karanja oil has been reported to contain furanoflavones, furanoflavonols, chromenoflavones, flavones and furanodiketones which make the oil non-edible and hence further encourages its application for biodiesel production.

Fatty acids composition of Karanja Palmitic (C16:0)11.6%, Stearic (C18:0) 7.5%, Oleic (C 18:1) 51.5%, Linoleic (C18:2) 16.0%, Linolenic(C18:3) 2.6%, Arachidic (C20:0) 1.7%, Eicosenoic (C20:1) 1.1%,Behenic(C22:0) 4.3% Lignoceric (C24:0)1.0%.

Fig1Preparation Of Biodiesel_decryptedFig2Preparation Of Biodiesel_decrypted

Fig 1. Seeds of karanja
Fig. 2 Oil expelled from seeds of karanja

Transesterification of a vegetable oil was conducted as early as 1853, by scientists E. Duffy and J. Patrick, many years before the first diesel engine became functional. Rudolf diesel’s prime model, a single 10 ft (3 m) iron cylinder with a flywheel at its base, ran on its own power for the first time in Augsburg, Germany. This engine stood as an example of Diesel’s vision because it was powered by peanut oil a bio-fuel, though not strictly bio-diesel, since it was not Tran esterifies. He believed that the utilization of a biomass fuel was the real future of his engine.

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