It was decided to separate the reaction contents from the main reactor into two separate vessels to facilitate washing of the bio-fuel. Once the reaction contents are transferred the two settling vessels, they are allowed to separate. To enable viewing of the settling between the lower glycerol layer and the upper bio-fuel layer, a glass tube was designed to be accommodated into the separating vessel and in turn facilitates easier removal of the glycerol from the bio-fuel.

The separating vessels are designed to be cylindrical in shape with a capacity to accommodate more than 10 liters to hold water necessary for bubble washing. The quantity of water is estimated in the ratio of 2:1 i.e. for every one part of bio fuel two parts if warm water is required.

The biofuel separated in this stage still impure and needs to be cleansed in a process known as bubble washing. This process involves cleaning the fuel with water by using agitation which is provided by pumping air through the water and biodiesel mixture.

The washing system was designed using a pump to deliver air through a pipe to a diffuser inside the washing/separating vessel. The diffuser used for this purpose is to be integrated into the tank with the help of the appropriate piping from the pump.

The design involves the pump to be positioned at a height greater than the position of the diffuser in the tank. This is necessary to prevent reverse flow of fluid from the tank into the pipe providing the compressed air. A one way check valve is also provided at the diffuser attachment in the tank to prevent flow of liquid into the Same Pipe.

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