The system requires to be closed system and hence a flange was designed to prevent any leakage of the methanol which could vaporize due to heating and potentially be health hazard. Hence the whole system was designed to be air tight with the use of a flange and a rubber bush to prevent any leakage. Since it was observed that methanol has tendency to vaporize and to allay a fear of explosion due to increase in pressures, use of pressure relief valve (PRV) was envisaged.

As the reaction requires vigorous stirring and heating, the design was involved to integrate the stirring and the heating systems into the main reactor. The main reactor was designed to include baffles to provide for higher mixing sufficiency and more uniform temperature during the reactions.

Separating and Washing Vessels

From the literature study and the preliminary laboratory experiment it was observed that immediately after the reaction period, i.e. the length of time for which the reaction occurs and during which both stirring and heating of time for which the reaction mixture should be allowed to cool and settle. The settling period allows for the reaction mixture to separate into the two products namely glycerol and the biodiesel. The separation occurs over a period of about 6 or more hours.

Fig6Preparation Of Biodiesel_decrypted
Fig. 6

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