Following observations were made during the simulations.

• Most of the energy is consumed in flooding of route request in DSR.
• Since we are considering the routing table generated for routing information on PAR, flooding of route request is reduced.

From the energy model analysis we can determine the battery charge consumed by the each node. The figure below shows the comparison of energy model for both DSR and PAR. Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows the energy model for DSR in both transmit and energy mode. Figure 3 and Figure 4 shows the energy model for PAR in both transmit and receive mode.

FigPower Aware Routing_decrypted


The new power aware routing protocol was presented in this paper. From the figure shown above we can observe that the energy consumption in both modes of energy model has decreased after implementing our PAR. Our protocol takes the battery constraints into consideration for establishing the route between the source and destination. As the energy consumed decreases the battery charge remains for longer period and hence the network lifetime increases. Our Power Aware Routing Protocol has reduced the energy consumption by 47%.

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