Local Approach: Each intermediate node in the path monitors the decrease in its remaining energy level (and hence increase in its link cost) from the time of route discovery as a result of forwarding packets along this route. When this link cost increase goes beyond a threshold level, the node sends a route error back to the source as if the route was rendered invalid. This route error message forces the source to initiate route discovery again. This decision is only dependent on the remaining battery capacity of the current node and hence is a local decision.

PAR adopts the local approach because this approach minimizes control traffic. Furthermore, it assumes that all transmit power levels (rij) are constant. This enables PAR to separate the effect of mobility from that of energy depletion during route maintenance. As the remaining energy level of a node decreases, the link cost of the node increases. This forces new routing decisions in the network by invalidating its own cache entries to various destinations. However, if a path was recently added to the cache table, the node will not force a new decision (route finding step) unless the node’s remaining energy is depleted by a certain normalized amount due to messages passing through that path.

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