In PAR, the destination waits for a threshold number (Tr) of seconds after the first RREQ packet arrives. During that time, the destination examines the cost of the route of every arrived RREQ packet. When the timer (Tr) expires, the destination node selects the route with the minimum cost and replies. Subsequently, it will drop any received RREQs. The reply also contains the cost of the selected path appended to it. Every node that hears this route reply adds this route along with its cost to its route cache table.Although this scheme can somewhat increase the latency of the data transfer, it results in a significant power saving as will be shown later.

Route Maintenance

Route maintenance is needed for two reasons:

• Mobility: Connections between some nodes on the path are lost due to their movement,
• Energy Depletion: The energy resources of some nodes on the path may be depleting too quickly.

In the first case, a new RREQ is sent out and the entry in the route cache corresponding to the node that has moved out of range is purged. In the second case, there are two possible approaches: semi-global and local.

Semi-global Approach: The source node periodically polls the remaining energy levels of all nodes in the path and purges the corresponding entry in its route cache when the path cost increases by a fixed percentage. Notice that this results in very high overhead because it generates extra traffic.

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