Route Discovery

In DSR, activity begins with the source node flooding the network with RREQ packets when it has data to send. An intermediate node broadcasts the RREQ unless:

• It gets a path to the destination from its cache
• It has previously broadcast the same RREQ packet. (This fact is known from the sequence number of the RREQ and the sender ID.)

Consequently, intermediate nodes forward only the first received RREQ packet. The destination node only replies to the first arrivedRREQ since that packet tends to take the shortest path.

In PAR, all nodes except the destination calculate their link cost, Cjand add it to the path cost in the header of the RREQ packet. When an intermediate node receives a RREQ packet, it starts a timer (Tr) and keeps the cost in the header of that packet as Min-Cost. If additional RREQs arrive with same destination and sequence number, the cost of the newly arrived RREQ packet is compared to the Min-Cost. If the new packet has a lower cost, Min-Cost is changed to this new value and the new RREQ packet is forwarded. Otherwise, the new RREQ packet is dropped.

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