When the RREQ is received by the destination or by a node with a route to the destination, a route reply (RREP) is generated and sent back to the sender along with the addresses accumulated in the RREQ header. Since this process may consume a lot of bandwidth, DSR provides each node with a route cache to be used aggressively to reduce the number of control messages that must be sent. If a node has a cache entry for the destination, when a route request for that destination is received at the node, it will use the cached copy rather than forwarding the request to the network. In addition, each node promiscuously listens to other control messages (RREQs and RREPs) for additional routing data to add to its cache.

Minimum Cost Routing Protocol

This algorithm is based on selecting the link which consumes less power for transmitting the data and less number of hops to destination. Each node will have a self configuring table; the information about the every other node in the network isautomatically updated. The table here has two parameters hops and link power. Hops gives the distance between the nodes and the link with minimum number hops are selected for communication.

Link power is the power used by the link in between source node and destination node of the network to transmit the data. It can be calculated by using the following equation

£ 1*0. f+1)

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