A Mobile ad hoc Network (MANET) is composed of a group of mobile wireless nodes that form a network independently of any centralized administration, while forwarding packets to each other in a multi-hop fashion. Since those mobile devices are battery operated and extending the battery lifetime has become an important objective, researcher and practitioners have recently started to consider power-aware design of network protocols for the Ad hoc networking environment. As each mobile node in aMANET performs the routing function for establishing communication among different nodes the “death” of even a fewof the nodes due to energy exhaustion might cause disruption ofservice in the entire network.

In a conventional routing algorithm, which is unaware ofenergy budget, connections between two nodes are established between nodes through the shortest path routes. This algorithmmay however result in a quick depletion of the battery energy ofthe nodes along the most heavily used routes in the network. Themain focus of this paper is to design a power-aware routing protocol that balances the traffic load inside the network so as toincrease the battery lifetime of the nodes and hence the overalluseful life of the ad hoc network.

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